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ForexExtract is a robot that has proven its profitability and stability in real tests on accounts with money, not just on demo accounts. Fully automated Forex robot, with a loss prevention algorithm.

  • Gain 1124.88%
  • Monthly 8%
  • Drawdown 88.25%
  • Day in Live 986


ForexExtract AUDUSD - Real

ForexExtract - analyse results on Myfxbook real account


Our accounts have quite a long period of live trading, but for you to make sure that the results have an even more long-term basis, we have added the results of testing ForexExtract robot on historical data (backtesting) for many years.

Aggressive AUDUSD ForexExtract Aggressive AUDUSD
Aggressive USDCAD ForexExtract Aggressive USDCAD
Normal AUDUSD ForexExtract Normal AUDUSD
Normal USDCAD ForexExtract Normal USDCAD

Information about ForexExtract

ForexExtract is a robot that has proven its profitability and stability in real tests on accounts with money, not just on demo accounts. All its results are verified by the independent company Myfxbook.

We have worked for a long time to develop and set up a good mechanism that makes it possible to find good Market entry points. It provides great profitability to our system. But of course, sometimes our algorithm makes mistakes, and that is when a mechanism which finds the best moment to close an unsuccessful order starts working. Sometimes it closes an order in a small profit, or in a zero profit, and sometimes in a small loss. But the algorithm is configured in such a way as not to make large losses. In the event that ForexExtract has failed to recognize exactly when the order should have been closed, and the drawdown has become bigger than we were ready to get, then the system can add the second order, and sometimes the third one, to cover a drawdown of the first order by a profit of the following order(s). If it happens that even with such protections the drawdown could not be covered, then the last algorithm is activated. It calculates the moment when, how and at what price to open additional orders that will be able to cover all the drawdown that we have. This algorithm is well thought out and it will not allow the EA to "accumulate" drawdown if there is a rapid movement (trend) in the opposite direction from our orders.

ForexExtract is an interesting robot that, as you can see, has many levels of protection which provide good reliability and security for the user's account. But even if they all fail for some reason, due to some unprecedented Market upheaval, our robot has a built-in drawdown limitation mechanism that will protect your account from significant losses.

More advantages and features of our robot:

1. Supports AUDUSD and USDCAD currency pairs.

2. Supports the most popular platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

3. Compatible with any broker and not spread sensitive.

4. Multi-layer protection against unprofitable trades.

5. Verified results on real accounts and tests on history (backtests).

6 Extremely easy to set up and use.

Purchase includes:

  • 1 lifetime license for a real or demo account
  • Possibility to change accounts online
  • Robot version for MT4 and MT5
  • Detailed user manual and the best technical support 24/7

Refund policy

We provide a full money-back guarantee during the first 30 days after purchasing. If our EA doesn’t work properly on your account, and we cannot do anything about it, we will return your money. If a drawdown on your account exceeds 35%, we will also initiate a refund process, on condition that you have used our recommended settings and provided proofs of that.

ForexExtract - best Forex Expert Advisors


ForexExtract - best Forex Expert Advisors


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